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The GFTN Guide to Legal and Responsible Sourcing

4.1 Communicating Policy

CommunicationsOnce a sourcing organization has developed a responsible forest products sourcing policy and implemented a programme of work, it is extremely important that it widely disseminates the information about its policy and all associated activities. At the very least, the policy must be communicated to colleagues and staff (most crucially, the organization's buyers of forest products), and suppliers that will be affected by the policy.

The sourcing organization may also choose to communicate the policy to other stakeholder groups identified in the review. The mechanisms for communicating the policy are varied and are best determined by the issuing organization.

Examples of ways to communicate the policy include the following:

  • Training sessions for buyers and for the technical teams required to implement the policy booklets or guidance notes.
  • An Internet or intranet site devoted to the issues addressed by the policy and to the sourcing organization's activities in relation to pursuit of the policy.
  • Publication of the policy in annual environmental/corporate social responsibility reports and on associated Internet sites, and consultation with suppliers.

Note for GFTN Participants: GFTN participant companies are required to demonstrate publicly their sourcing policy and will be required to demonstrate how this has been communicated to the supply chain.

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