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The GFTN Guide to Legal and Responsible Sourcing

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7.0 Environmental Status of Supplies - Source Assessed

Known Licensed SourceThe classification "Source Assessed" involves that the forest source has been evaluated for basic legality and traceability criteria-


  • So far as the purchaser is aware, the source or sources are not unwanted
  • Evidence has been assessed to demonstrate that the timber originates from an entity or entities that have a legal right to harvest timber.
  • Where required to mitigate risk of potential illegality, a 3rd party has evaluated the legality of the source and issued verification against a legality standard.
  • Due diligence approach is verified internally within the sourcing entity (1st party) or with a 2nd party.


  • Source forest(s) are identifiable to a degree of precision that is commensurate with the risk that the source may be unwanted - e.g. the location could be as broad as a district where the risk is low, or where risk is higher, the specific forest management units (FMUs) should be identifiable.
  • Documentation is provided that allows confirmation of the source locations via a fully traceable supply chain to a degree of precision that is commensurate with the risk that the source may be unwanted.
  • The purchaser (1st party) and/or 2nd party have systems in place that periodically check the authenticity of this documentation.

Other inclusions

  • Material sourced from: GFTN Forest Participants (from FMUs within the scope of participation)
  • Participants in stepwise certification programs.
  • Pre or post consumer recycled or recovered material that has not been independently verified.

The sourcing organization should assess the issues and risks associated with the illegal harvesting and trade in forest products and develop policies and definitions that are a balance between stakeholder expectations, the level of risk and the practicality of enforcement.

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