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The GFTN Guide to Legal and Responsible Sourcing

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9.0 Environmental Status of Supplies - Source Verified

Source in Progress to Certification

Sources could be legal but still involved in unwanted activities which are in conflict with the corporate responsible sourcing policy. Source verified means that the forest source has been 3rd party verified for basic social and environmental criteria-


  • A 3rd party has verified that the material does not contain unwanted sources. For example, FSC Controlled Wood
  • Or, the material is verified as pre-consumer recycled or recovered from another process.


  • Certificate from independent 3rd party documenting the verification and unbroken chain of custody from the purchaser back to the source entity or entities.
  • Where applicable, confirmation that a valid chain of custody certificate number, issued by an accredited certification body under a credible forest certification system, is printed on the relevant invoices and attached to the product.
  • Material is verified as pre-consumer recycled or recovered.

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